Dr. Annalisa Calisti is a Medical advisor  in Ospedale “Celio” Rome. She performs vascular ultrasound diagnostics and surgical treatment of varices since 1995. Dr Calisti is a specialist of aesthetic treatment of veins and complications of lower limbs venous insufficiency, treating patients at 360°degrees, including symptoms of venous-lymphatic stasis and aesthetic signs of chronic venous insufficiency . She graduated from Rome with honors in 1995 and is specialized in Vascular Surgery at “La Sapienza” Rome University with honors in 2000. She finalized her Ph.D. in “Angio-surgical physio-patology and functional nuclear imaging” in 2006; her thesis has been published in Journal of Endovascular Therapy. She obtained Bachelors Master level II in “Endovascular techniques” in 2009. She specialized in Cosmetic Medicine in Rome from 2010 with honors. She has several publications in national and international indexed medical and surgical journals. She lectures nationally and internationally.

Specialist in Vascular Surgery
Specialist in Cosmetic Medicine
Research fellow in Angio-surgical Physio-pathology and functional nuclear imaging