Dr Maciej Rogala has graduated the Military Medical University in Poland. He is anesthetist and aesthetic medicine doctor with over 18 years experience. Despite he is not dermatologist, his great knowledge and experience caused he was invited to the biggest aesthetic medicine society in Poland called SLDE – The Society of Aesthetic Dermatologist Doctors. Dr Rogala specializes in aesthetic medicine, aesthetic gynecology and mini invasive aesthetic surgery. He owns one of most popular Aesthetic Medicine clinics in Poland called: Gold Clinic Aesthetic Medicine and Gynaecology. A great opinion leading practician and highly valued teacher – a trainer and lecturer in International Center of Anti – Aging Medicine Education and many others.
As a passionate of his work he usually is the first in Poland (laser treatment of stress urinary incotinence, Aquafilling Bodyline and Facelline treatments), often first in Europe (Fraxel Re:pair rejuvenation, laser mycosis treatment) or one of the first in the world (Millenium Cannulas) who uses and introduces new treatment procedures.
His work is his passion, and favorite procedures are: non invasive breast augmentation, liposuction, laser urinary incontinence treatments and vaginal narrowing, laser labioplasty, Fraxel Re:pair rejuvenation, master of lips modelling and augmentation, surgical threads lifting.