Florida, United States

For 20 years, Dr. Magsino dedicated her practice to treating various disease states. In 2006, upon having premenopausal symptoms she began her journey to find a natural way to replace her own hormones which led her to pursue a fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine centered on bio identical hormone management. Upon completion of her fellowship, she worked for a large anti-aging company where for several years, she practiced treating hormone imbalances in middle aged men and women.

While completing her certification on Sexual Medicine, Dr. Magsino had a unique opportunity to train with the well known Dr. Lisbeth Roy, Dr. Charles Runels and Dr. Samuel Wood, who each developed Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) procedures like the Vampire Facelift and the O/P-Shots. While working on her own issues of stress incontinence and after receiving these procedures herself, she noticed incredible facial and vaginal rejuvenation and BUMATAKO was born. Dr. Magsino now co-promotes to be one of the few physicians in the entire US trained to perform PRP procedures on the face, vaginal and penile areas for rejuvenation.

BUMATAKO, a Filipino term meaning ”I’m young again,” is Dr. Magsino’s personal journey of reverse aging, beginning with hormone balancing and now adding the revolutionary process of using PRP to rejuvenate the body.