Munich, Germany

Sabine Zenker, MD, is an internationally renowned board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. She graduated from Munich University Medical School in 1995 and did her specialist examination in dermatology in 2003 (Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität Munich). Dr. Zenker is revered as one of the most recognized and experienced specialists of cutting-edge concepts in aesthetic dermatology on the international scale. In dedicating herself to clinical work, research and education, she is actively involved in scientific audits, clinical research and development of pioneering products and techniques. Over the years she became a recognized master trainer and teacher and global key opinion leader in aesthetic dermatology and serves as scientific board member as well as strategic organizer of the most recognized meetings in the field. Dr Zenker is a member of the German Dermatology Society DDG as well as member of the most renowned international societies such as American Academy Dermatology AAD, the European Academy Dermatology and Venerology EADV etc. . Dr. Sabine Zenker contributes continuously to medical journals, public press, print, TV and multimedia. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of several esteemed medical professional journals. She also serves as board member for medical advisory boards of many leading companies in the field. In addition to the work in her own clinic, she offers her dermatology services as a consultant dermatologist at the Lanserhof Tegernsee.

Based on her clinical experience over the past 12 years, Dr Zenker did develop a comprehensive and encompassing dermatology: DrZenker. It does comprise the parts DrZenkerDermatology, DrZenkerCosmetics and DrZenkerServices.

DrZenkerDermatology is an internationally leading clinic for dermatology and aesthetic dermatology being located in the heart of Munich, Germany, founded and owned by Sabine Zenker, MD. DrZenkerDermatology offers all dermatology services to treat and prevent dermatological conditions. The division aesthetic dermatology provides high-end services, implementing newest techniques and treatment concepts individually customized to any patient`s needs. The whole concept is based on the two most important aspects: health and aesthetics for our skin.

DrZenkerCosmetics is a modern institute for cosmetics which offers – based on dermatologic knowhow of Dr. Zenker- a complete range of cosmetic services in an exclusive ambience situated in the heart of Munich.

DrZenkerServices offers clinical services such as evaluations of treatment concepts, technologies and products, implementation of clinical studies. Secondly, Dr Zenker provides consulting services for companies in terms of product development and their applications. Additively, Dr. Zenker aims for optimal transfer of knowledge for professionals nationally as well as internationally by performing masterclasses, workshops and teachings on scientific congresses as well as on individual request. Dr. Zenker consults congress organizers strategically to design and carry out their functions. Consistent publications on all media levels tops all those services off.